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The museum is currently featuring artifacts from its own collection, plus items from the collection of Ed Harding. Ed Harding has conducted multiple archeological digs in the Webster area and will be at the museum on April 29th to share his experiences.

Digging History

April 29, 2017 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Please join us Saturday at the Webster Museum. Ed Harding will be sharing his years of knowledge and experience gained while conducting archeological digs in the Webster area.

Morning at the Museum

July 12, 2017 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Explore Webster's past!
Participate in diary writing, scavenger hunts, colonial games and activities with Museum staff and Shana Lynott from the Webster Public Library.

Limit 15 children
Register today at the Webster Public Library website.

Gary Morgan

Many thanks to Gary Morgan for coming out to the Webster Museum and sharing so many delightful stories from his days behind the wheel. We are happy so many of Gary's friends (old and new) could attend.

A few photos from the afternoon are now online.

Lincoln Letter

Abraham Lincoln - Letter of June 11th, 1860

By June of 1860 Abraham Lincoln was a household name throughout much of the United States. His seemingly quick rise to public attention began in February of 1860 following Lincoln's well received Cooper Union Address, the publication of a series of debates with Stephen Douglas in March, and his nomination for President of the United States in May of the same year.

The Reverend William C. Whitcomb, a published Massachusetts abolitionist and son of a Lincoln became curious and wrote to Abraham Lincoln in the hopes a shared ancestry existed. While he received no confirmation of a family connection, he did receive a handwritten letter from Abraham Lincoln.

The Whitcomb family hung on to the letter and by 1935 it had made its way to Webster, New York with Rev. Whitcomb's son, Albert. Albert's daughter, Irene married Herbert Blackwell and in 1976, the Blackwell family kindly donated the letter to the newly formed, Webster Museum.

Pictured above is Abraham Lincoln's desk and home in Springfield, Illinois. The desk and home that Lincoln possibly wrote to Rev. Whitcomb from.

Today a COPY of the Lincoln letter is on display at the Webster Museum. the actually letter is NOT on the premises.

Veteran's Day 2016 : Mr. Ted Ellstrom

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Ted Ellstrom for sharing stories of his military service during World War II at the Webster Museum Veteran's Day Presentation.

A few photos from the afternoon are now online.

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