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Property of Bessie M. Cowles, Webster N.Y.

I am finished with my carnation and almost finished with this until September 2. I am going to learn and review my poems. I will keep this envelope and such things in this book until I get a pretty box to put them in. I am all done with this book at the present time. July 18, 1913. Friday.

It is now October 10, 1913 and we have been to Ithaca for a three week visit and had a grand time. My aunt has got a lovely new porch on her house and had her house painted it looks lovely. We had an awful time going and an awful time coming back. We got here Wednesday Sept. 18, 1913. And I was about two weeks out of school. My teachers name is Miss Worthing as sister to Miss Worthing in the first grade. She is nice but not as nice as Miss Clark. I am all done with my painting at present. After I get this done I am going to do my Geography and other studies. Hallowe’s eve is nearly here and so is election. I have got my punkin. I bet I will have some fun. Well this is all I’ve got to say at the present time –Oct 10, 1913.

It is now Nov. 9, 1913. Hallowe’en is over and so is election. We had a fine time Hallowe’en night and wore my false face. We all had a jolly time. Election is over as I have mentioned. It went license in every thing. I now go to the Evangelical Church and like it much better and is more in my class and I like it much better. Papa gave Mama a beautiful set of furs silver gray and I can wear them if I want to. I haven’t got my new coat and hat and will have some knew dresses soon. School was out for two days this week and I clianed my room and I’ve got that done for the winter. I will close –Nov. 9, 1913.

It is Jan. 9, 1914 the old year 1913 has passed away. Christmas is over I got a bottle of perfume from Grandma and a lot of other presents. Dorothea got three dolls a great big large doll dressed in pink silk dress and beautiful underclothes from Ella and medium sized doll dressed in pink from Gladys and a little doll from Ella. I got my new hat it is black velvet and very pretty. I haven’t got my coat yet but I expect it soon and a new velvet hat to wear to school. We are getting alone fine in school and have a dandy time. The evangelical church is fine and we have about 16 in our class. Mrs. J.D. Martin is our teacher. I have joined the Busy Bees and I am the vice president of my class and Marie Coonan is preesident and Emma Martin is secartrary and Ruth Specht is treasury. I went to Hazel Burgh pastry and I won a prize; a picture. We had a nice time. Two weeks we are going to have a January examination. I am going to get studying. Mamma furs aren’t silver gray but they are a silver mink set cost about 120 dollars. I am reviewing everything at the farm. I am going to learn them. Paul was up Jan 6, we had a good time. I will be twelve years old next month Febuary 21. I am getting along pretty good in school. I have got my arithmetic, geography, spelling, nature study, philology, writing, history and language. Dorothea’s largest doll is named Lady Angelina and her largest teddy bear is named Lord Angelina and her old doll with the red is named Dorothy Brown and medium is named Helen Davis and her little one is named Vera More. Ends Jan 9, 1914.

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