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The history of Webster, NY (1800-present) comes to life at the Webster Museum. Changing exhibits depict Webster as an agricultural community, showing its early industrial development and its growth as a 21st century community.

The collection has been assembled over many years. Treasured items from Webster's early settlers, photographs, costumes and memorabilia from schools, community groups and churches reflect the town’s heritage.

Period rooms, a drugstore, a lawyer's office and a general store allow visitors to view a wide range of objects which facilitated daily living and provided recreation and entertainment.

The products of leisure time such as quilts and needlework are displayed. Exhibits in the barn area include tools and equipment used by farmers and by early artisans in their work which supported a growing community.

Cereal grains were the crops of Webster's earliest farms. Due to the proximity to Lake Ontario and an extended growing season, the production, processing and marketing of fruits and vegetables, especially apples, became the foundation of Webster's agricultural economy.

The Webster Basket Company, early manufacturers of baskets, made the moving of farm products to market possible. Today, Webster is home to many service and manufacturng industries.

The school room, seating 24 students, is a popular place for boys and girls to learn about the history of their town. Using materials from the early 1900's, students experience learning in a one room school and participate in classroom events from an earlier time.

The museum staff visits class rooms in the district upon request and serves as a resource for teachers.

Group tours may be arranged by contacting the Museum online or at 265-3308.

Candlestick telephone on the Mayor's desk.

The Pharmacy

Lunch pails in the school room.

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