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"A report directly from the scene", "a play by play report", "this is your captain speaking". These phrases promise authoritative "first hand" information - direct from the source. They are what historians call "Primary Sources". Erva Wright Smith, Margaret Middleton and others have provided the Webster Museum with primary sources in the form of what we have chosen to call “The Webster Diaries”. The Webster Diaries number about 45. Sixteen have been transcribed and typed and are ready for use as a resource. Five diaries are from boys and girls under 16 years of age. Two of the young writers lived in the village and three lived down by the lake. The adult authors are all from the area around the Nine Mile Point Neighborhood.

The diaries are available for reading and /or research at the Museum. Four of the diaries are now available on our website in their entirety. Devon Marr, a senior at Schroeder High School, prepared the student diaries for presentation as her Senior Project. There are no untold stories, family secrets, gossip, or indiscreet social revelations. The diaries must be read at the Museum. The original copies may be viewed by appointment. We do not plan to place any other parts of the collection on our website.

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