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Webster Roads & Streets

You will need a map of Webster (both the village and the town).

You can find a printed map at the Chamber of Commerce at Crosspointe Lane (in back of Holt Road Wegmans) or at the Webster Museum.

Answer the following questions using the names of the streets and roads that you find on the map.

1 - A type of transportation

2 - The name of a plant found in many lawns

3 - The name of a brush company

4 - The opposite of North

5 - Part of a room

6 - The name of a glass maker

7 - The name of an eastern college

8 - The name of an early President of the U.S.

9 - Many movies are made in:

10 - A musical instrument

11 - An astronaut

12 - A hair style

13 - A kind of syrup

14 - A body of water surrounded by land

15 - Robin Hood's forest

16 - The name of your street is
Find out the meaning of your street name.

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