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World War I

Webster residents service during the first world war.

During and after "The Great War", the Webster newspaper and the American Legion (Cottreall-Warner Post 942) documented the service histories of Webster residents. Webster veterans and their families wrote letters describing their enlistment and duty information. The letters are hand written and vary in length from small scraps of paper to multiple pages. Photos of some veterans were also included. After the war this information was compiled into service records by the town of Webster and the American legion. In 1928 a 12-page list was produced from those service records.

These letters photos and records were stored at the Webster historical society until 2011 when, as part of his eagle project, Ilya Boehly organized the information and scanned the photos. This website provides access to all of that information. We hope you find this useful and interesting. This site contains:

  1. A database containing 200 names of Webster residents that served in the war. The information for each veteran varies depending upon availability. Grave site information was obtained from the websites of the local cemeteries.
  2. Handwritten letters describing service history.
  3. Photos of veterans
  4. Records from Town of Webster
  5. Records from the American Legion

Below and in the following pages are the records of individual soldiers. Higher resolution versions of the electronic scans are available at the Webster Historical Society.

Richard P. Alexander


Town: Wester

Enlistment: 3-Feb-16 Age:


Kenneth Laing Allgrunn

Town: Webster

Enlistment: 26-Oct-19 Age:

Discharge: 21-Jul-20

Immanuel John Arndt

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 10-Oct-18 Age: 21

Discharge: 10-Dec-18

Burial Location: Webster Rural

Esmand Buryl Atwater

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Binghamton 1-Feb-18 Age: 23

Discharge: 3-Feb-19

Burial Location: Webster Rural

Maynard L. Atwater

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Fairport 21-Nov-17 Age: 24

Discharge: 6-Jan-19

Burial Location: Webster Rural

Leon W. Austin

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Fairport 21-Jan-18 Age: 28

Discharge: 16-Jan-19

Nathan Baird

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 24-Feb-18 Age: 22

Discharge: 9-May-19

Burial Location: Webster Union J-26,4,3

Clifton H. Baker

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 26-Feb-18 Age: 24

Discharge: 18-Jul-19

Orin M. Baker

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 10-Sep-18 Age: 27

Discharge: 27-Nov-18

Burial Location: Webster Rural

John Jr. Bareis

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 24-Feb-18 Age: 29

Discharge: 1-Apr-19

Burial Location: Webster Rural JE-20

John F. Bass

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 5-Aug-18 Age: 28

Discharge: 18-Dec-18

Burial Location: Webster Rural

Alois G. Becker

Private First Class

Town: West Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 27-Sep-17 Age: 23

Discharge: 17-Jul-19

Death: 1967
Burial Location: Holy Trinity

Frederick Charles Becker

Town: West Webster

Enlistment: Buffalo 27-Mar-18 Age: 20

Discharge: 31-Dec-19

Louis L. Beckert

Town: West Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 5-Sep-17 Age: 23

Discharge: 10-Jun-19

Malcolm P. Beisiegel

Town: West Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 25-May-18 Age: 28

Discharge: 5-Mar-19

Albert Belmont

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 26-Jan-18 Age: 35

Discharge: 19-Sep-18

Fred Bennett

Town: West Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 25-May-18 Age: 21

Discharge: 24-Jul-19

Hazel Elizabeth Bergh

Town: Webster

Enlistment: 18-Apr-18 Age: 22

Discharge: 21-May-20

Hiram E. Billings


Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 27-Sep-17 Age: 31

Discharge: 17-May-19

Burial Location: Union Hill

Mary Katherine Bonenblust

Town: Webster

Enlistment: 21-Jan-18 Age:

Discharge: 9-Jun-19

Geo. Mason Brandt

1st Lieut.

Town: Webster

Enlistment: 21-Oct-18 Age: 37

Discharge: 19-Mar-19

Burial Location: Webster Rural

Percy W. Brewer

Town: West Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 30-Aug-18 Age: 31

Discharge: 19-Dec-18

Burial Location: Webster Rural

Victor J. Brown

Town: West Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 14-Dec-14 Age: 25

Discharge: 1-Jun-19

Charles G. Burnett

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 15-Apr-14 Age: 21

Discharge: 4-Jun-20

Dewey Burnett

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Buffalo 7-Aug-18 Age: 18


Death: 22-Sep-18
Burial Location: Webster Union 31,5,2

Hiram J. Burnett

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Rochester 27-Sep-17 Age: 24

Discharge: 3-Dec-17

Roy Burnett

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Fairport 26-Sep-17 Age: 24

Discharge: 20-Jun-19

Death: 1980
Burial Location: Webster Union 23,2,2

Reuben N Cape

Town: Webster

Enlistment: Syracuse 12-Jul-17 Age: 20

Discharge: unkown

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