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Elsa von BlumenElsa Von Blumen

Caroline Wilhelmina Kiner Roosevelt ~ October 6, 1859 - June 3, 1935

The Penny Farthing is a fitting symbol for a local Rochester museum as it was a young Rochistarian that found fame atop one.

Using the name of Elsa Von Blumen, Carrie Kiner rode competitively at a time when few had even considered the possibility. She took on male cyclists and even a horse. She rode for prize money and on occasion to raise money for charitible concerns.

Approximetely 2500 people assembled at Rochester's Driving Park to watch Elsa race against a horse named Hattie.

Hobby horse in the London Science Museum c. 1818

Draisine or Laufmaschine, created by Baron Karl von Drais in Mannheim, Germany in 1817.

Wooden bicycle, ca. 1890

1890's Telegraph Messengers

Tandem Bicycle 1890

Will Robertson, On the steps of the capital, Washington DC, 1885

Adelia Matter on a tricycle, circa 1900. Photograph by Walter Matter

a Penny and a Farthing

circa 1915

Kendall Green Bike Club 1884

Postmen Riding Pentacycles,
circa 1882

High Wheel Bicycle Club Group Photo, circa 1895

Elliot Hickory Cycle Co. 1889

Schenectady area, circa 1900

Worth Spring-Frame Safety, ca. 1890

Lady Florence Norman, 1916

Columbia Bicycle

Annie "Londonderry" Cohen Kopchovsky (1870–1947) The first woman to bicycle around the world.

Schwinn ad, 1939

Beth Wilson at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge photographed by Hermann Landshoff, 1946

Columbia ad, 1950

World War II Folding Bicycle


50th Anniversary Sting Ray

Cate Blanchett

Marilyn Monroe

Grace Kelly

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